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Meet Dora

Life Coach & Game changer

My name is Dora, and I'm your guide for a better life... and maybe your new best friend.

I'm a life & health coach, nutrition consultant, entrepeneur, author, world and soul explorer.


My passions are connecting with people, travelling, I'm an animal lover, plant mama and foodie. My biggest goal has always been to help people in different areas. Therefore I worked as a hotel manager, sales and marketing manager, and also as a foreign trader before. Contacting several different persons  from around the world means fun, connections, new friends, business partners, and life lessons for me.

From time to time I felt during my journey, that women think they have less power or impact. And I'm here to change this and support them in changing the world.

I'm here to help you discover your inner values, passion, goals, dreams, and to guide you through the way of achieving all of them.


Are you ready for the adventure?

I'm extremely grateful for you to be here with me.

Welcome to my tribe.

Freeyourwoman coaching


My story

This part is a quick introduction about me. My name is Dora, I'm a nutritional consultant, life and health coach. Started learning about coaching years ago, first only for my own self-development, mental health and better communication. I got so interested in the topics I learned, that I wanted to study professionally to help other people too.

I started my own journey back in 2015, when I was really not in a good place both mentally and physically. In the previous years I was depressed, didn't like anything or anyone, locked myself up in my own bubble due to some things that happened to me previously. I had bad relationships, lost a pregnancy due to a cycst found inside my ovary
and had a surgery. After that I developed hormonal imbalance, which not only causes physical symptoms like loss hair, lashes, and skin issues, but also mental problems.

I was screaming for a change, had several allergies, eczema, skin and hair problems, migraines, high stress levels, to which the solution according to my doctors would have been taking medications. I'm the kind of person who likes to know the root of the problems, so I wasn't satisfied with the answers, and hate to take any pills, so went my own way experimenting with my own body.

Started a food journal, eliminated foods one by one checking my symptoms, and building up my personal eating patterns. As I love cooking and baking, it was a really fun way to get healthier and connect it to my hobby. I also started an instagram page and a food blog with my recipes, and enjoy sharing them with others. This led me to more social interaction and coming slowly out of my bubble. Even though my friends and family were sceptic at first they soon understood that it makes me happy.

And that's the MOST IMPORTANT thing in life. Find your way of joy and happiness. Find the little things that give you goals and dreams, connect with people who uplift you, and start your own journey towards your best life, the best version of YOU. I'm here to help you with it through coaching practises, if you ever feel stuck in some areas of life, can't decide which path to choose. Hope we will have some fun moments together.

Welcome and hope you will free your inner woman.


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