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My passion is to contact and help people discover their values, passion, dreams goals, and to guide them along the way in achieving them. Coaching is professional help to release your fears and blocks, special techniques to know yourself better, and to unlock the potential of your best life.

When do you need a health coach and which areas can I help you?

I work with many clients facing different problems. The overall goal is to reset your system and get healthy, feel good in your own skin as fast as possible. As a coach and nutritionist I have several tools that can:

- get to the roots of your problem and not just eliminate the symptoms

- make you feel healthy and happy again

- with a holistic approach take in consideration your abilities and life circumstances too.

Which problems can I help you with?

- weight goals (weight gain/weightloss)

- restore gut health to improve your overall wellbeing

- hormonal balance issues

- health symptoms you don't know the root cause of (like eczema, hair loss, etc)

What is a coach exactly and how can life coaching help you?

The world has became a scene of competitions, we rush everything and forget about our needs, values, all the important factors. Sometime we can feel lost, or stuck, and seems like nothing can help.

A life coach is similar to the ones working in sports, we can detect the problem from a fresh perspective, look for the root of it and help you find your own best solution. A coach is not an advisor or mentor, with ready made answers, but the true and honest mirror, who shows your pure form. I can help you to know yourself better, discover your values, hidden even from you. I will show you the way, how to can manage your life better, recognize your true desires, and be more successful in all aspects. Let me show you the way to your dream life and the best version of YOU.

online coaching booking

Online consultation

Ready to take the first step?

This single session is perfect to get to know me better, if we match and if you are not sure how a coach can help you.


Interested in one of my programs? Not sure if that is the right one for you? Let's chat about it a bit more detailed, set your preferences, and make the perfect decision.

Already participated in one of the programs? Do you need a follow-up, or adjustment advice? You are at the right place, book an appointment and chat about it.

Who is coaching for?

It is for anyone, who would like to reach real changes in life. it can be work related, love life or health.

How does a coaching session look like?

First session is 30 minutes, to check if we match and what I can help you with. It is completely free.

If you decide to work with me, the following sessions will be 60 minutes, held online. On 1:1 coaching sessions only the two of us will be present, all information is confidential. Must be over 21 years old.

You will need a camera, a notebook where you can write down your thoughts if you need, and a calm place.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on the problem you would like to solve, but in general 5 sessions. We will summarize what you achieved and learned within this period, and see if anything needs a follow up. If you would like to work with me on different topics, we can prioritize and break the process into sections. We always finish when you feel completed, with no more questions left unsolved.

What if I change my mind during the period?

Coaching is for you, so it totally depends on you when to finish. If you change your mind after a few sessions or you feel you don't need any more help, you can cancel any time. However I would suggest to go through the 5 sessions, because there are tools you can learn to succeed in similar situations later in life. We will build such good habits, which will help you achieve your goals smoother.

What happens after the coaching is finished?

We will summarize your achievements and what you have learned. Of course if you need any follow up or help in the future you can connect me any time, I won't leave you alone. Usually if there are more topics to work on I suggest to keep a 2 week pause between them to settle your feelings and thoughts from the previous topic.

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