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PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

Have you seen the Yes man movie?

That's one of my favourite. A man (Jim Carrey) goes to a meeting where he is told to say yes to every opportunity that comes around or he will have bad luck. Thanks to this mentality he tries a lot of new hobbies, finds and loses love, make new friends, gets a promotion, travels to new places along the way. Every time he tries to say no, something bad happens. But it turnes out it was just his mind playing tricks with him, he can also say no and he won't be cursed forever. But saying yes feels soooo much better.

Having a positive attitude can help you in life so much. Supports to overcome fears and anxiety, opens up many doors which you thought wouldn't be an option before, makes you try new things. You can have more positive outcomes and it increases performance. Optimism is a good way to keep you happy and filled with hope.

Nowadays a whole sector has been built around PMA with self help books, podcasts, youtube channels, facebook groups, etc. So we can't say we don't have help to any situation. But is it worth to immerse ourself in the science of happiness? Of course, it is your choice how much. Some find these really helpful and can learn new strategies to build their confidence and communication techniques, some feel these self help books are BS. I say it can never harm to have new skills and build a healthy mentality.

How much positivity is too much? As I said in the beginning, you don't have to say yes to everything. take a step back, take your time and analyse. Do you really want that? How far is it from your comfort zone? Will it cause joy or just stress? Don't jump out of an airplane just because it seems to be trendy on social media, but you would rather enjoy a hike up on a big mountain. Trendy things last for a few days or month, then other hypes come around.

You can also learn optimism. At the end of the day write down your positive and negative feelings, scenarios that came up. Check the negative side. What have you learned from them? What can be the good side? How can you turn it into positive? Maybe you don't see it now, but from a week, a month, a year apart it will heal and set better memories. It is not the end of the world until it's really the end of the world. And my favourite phrase is: Every cloud has a silver lining. Try to remember similar situations from the past and check how you survived it, how did you manage to solve it before.

Do you have something in your life that happened recently and you can see the postivie outcome of it already? Or is there a situation where you feel stuck and helpless?

DM me , book a consultation or join the community for a positive attitude, share your stories so we can learn from it too. There can never be too much positivity in your life.


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